The Revolutionary FairFX Platform
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    The FairFX Prepaid Corporate Card

    For UK & International business expenses

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    Real-time Expense Tracking

    Available online 24/7

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    Flexible reporting system

    Real-time alerts and exception reporting

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    Control for your business

    Monitor card usage and spending

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    Wholesale FX Wire Transfers

    Delivering Value & Convenience

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    Potential savings

    Highly competitive currency rates

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    Register today

    Get control and start saving

The FairFX Prepaid Corporate card is designed to significantly reduce the cost of employee spending on business expenses.

The FairFX card may have much lower foreign currency conversion, card issuance costs, as well as potential additional control provided by prepaid cards replacing cash advances and charge cards.

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FairFX now offer a simple online payments interface for lower value payments. A transparent way of making smaller wire transfers efficiently.

The FairPay corporate wire transfers give you the utmost convenience with it's automated features. Get in touch with us and ask about FairPay to understand all the benefits.

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FairFX has worked hard to deliver a market leading solution in the prepaid card arena. Recognised as both a technology and price leader.

Our dramatic growth has allowed us to expand the range of services we offer to provide the complete solution. Our experience and dedicated dealer team, give our clients a hassle free service.

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FairFX for Travel & Expenses

Travel and expenses can account for a large percentage of operating costs.

Creating a robust T&E policy, and implementing a management tool that will allow for greater control over who receives what and when can help make significant savings.

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FairFX work with selected partners for both strategic and operational purposes.

Our strategic partners are leaders in their respective fields and work with us to offer our services to their clients. Operational partners provide their specialist services to further enhance our offering.

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FairFX Prepaid Card Benefits

  • No late fees
  • Great control with prepaid cards
  • Secure, chip and PIN protected
  • Potential of reduced admin on expense control
  • Flexible web based real-time reporting
  • Global use wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed
  • Can help give your business control of expenses
  • Potential savings from low currency conversion costs
  • Card fees do apply details available on request
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